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Laurelcrest Academy

All About Laurelcrest Academy

Here you will learn a little about our history and our goals to help students succeed.


Established in 1950, Laurelcrest Academy wants nothing but the best for its students. In the past 55 years, the school violence rate has only been a mere 5% and the graduation rate is 90%. The school has earned many prestigious award such as the Academic Facility Award in 2000.


Our philosophy is that a student only thrives if he/she is placed in an academic environment enriched with valuable learning resources. We here at Laurelcrest Academy have indulged the students in a Tech Advantage Program as only one of the many programs and resources available for students.

About Us

Laurelcrest Academy is a tuition based private school. The tuition per annum is $10,000 per child that is attending. The school ranges from Grade 9-12. Each student must wear the regulated uniforms which are included in their tuition fees. This is to ensure that there is no distraction from the academic studies of students. This is a school for serious students committed to academics. There are extracurricular clubs and teams designed to relieve the students from the stress that comes from the intensive studying.

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