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Laurelcrest Academy

The Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Laurelcrest Academy offers pretty much everything else that every other school in Ontario offers, but we offer even more to that. One thing that our school provides is smaller classrooms with a smaller amount of students, so there is more 1 on 1 teacher-student learning going on as well. There is even a Tech Advantage Program where students are issued laptop each, to help improve learning with more resources and technology at the students' use.

We offer a wide array of programs and courses for students of every kinnd. Fromt the artsy to the knowledgeable, we have something for everyone. In our curriculuim, every student is required to complete 50 hours of community involvement. Having a role in the community is something that everyone will have to face in today's society. This is why we love the idea of community involvement. Each student is also required to pass a Grade 10 Literacy Test issued by the Canadian government. This is a requirement, we have no control over it whatsoever. Students, by the end of Grade 12, must have 24 credits. since our classes are smaller and there are only 3 classes per semester, in a two semester year, the students get to learn better getting to have more class time in crucial subjects such as Mathematics and English. the stream of levels is the same as public high school, Open, Applied, Academic and when in Grade 11 and 12, College, Mixed, University, Workplace.

Some courses include:

All the Sciences
Gym and Personal Fitness
Much more.....

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