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Laurelcrest Academy

Code of Conduct

Here is Laurelcrest's Code of Conduct

Safety is taken very seriously at Laurelcrest Academy and we want students to learn and interacte in a safe, respectable environment. The Ontario Safe Schools act is used in our institutions to promote a safer learning environment for the students. The violence rate has been significantly low.

-No student shall wear any clothing but their uniforms, unless it is a school spirit day stating otherwise.

-No weapon or a replica of one should be on the premises. Doing so will result in immediate expulsion, and tuition fees will not be reimbursed. Persecution will also take place.

-Students shall repect authorities at all times.

-Vandalism and defacing of property is strictly prohibited.

-Students shall not wear any hats unless it's a religious headpiece.

-No students shall disrespect, fight, or verbally attack anyone else in the school.

Loitering past 7pm on the school premises without teacher supervision is not allowed.

Swearing will not be tolerated.

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