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Laurelcrest Academy

Special Programs

Special Programs offered here at Laurelcrest Academy!

The Tech Advantage Program

The Tech Advantage Program is a program where each student in the school is offered a laptop for the school term. They will carry it to and from class, and bring it home to use for homework and extended studies. The students will have access to the school's wireless network, and they will be able to learn in class using new ways to teach. Of course, safety and Internet responsibility is an issue. This is why Laurelcrest frequently monitor's the students' Internet uses and priviledges will be taken away if they should be on a site that is inappropriate. Students that treat the laptop carelessly will also lose priviledges and if extensive damage is done, they shall be responsible for replacing the laptop.

1-on-1 Learning Program

At Laurelcrest, each student is required to spend at least 3 hours after school, in either a study group, or 1-on-1 learning with the teacher. This is to ensure that students are learning their subjects and that if they have any problems with their work, they have a place to turn to where they can get help in a comfortable environment, with people having the same problem. Since this program come into affect, starting 2000, the class averages have been a lot higher than any other year at Laurelcrest. Of course, special thanks goes out to the teachers that make this program possible.

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