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Laurelcrest Academy

Sports and Clubs

Here is just a taste of what Laurelcrest Academy has to offer when it comes to the enjoyment of clubs and sports. Our team, the Turtles, are ranked 3rd in the province for Senior Division Basketball. Our school, and team colour, is a forest green, just like the turtle.


We take pride in our school sports and our team mascot, the Laurelcrest Turtle. Don't let the turtle fool you, it is quite a deceptive animal, as is our team.

Some sports that we offer include:

-Running, Swimming
-Baseball, Cricket
-Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis
-Come and check out the many more sports that we offer!



We offer many different clubs and activies for students to take their minds off of academics. Clubs ranging from computers to art, there's something for everyone.

Some clubs that we offer include:

-Computers, Media
-Art, including knitting, etc
-Science, Religious groups
Improv, and many more!

So come drop by our facilities to see what we have to offer for extracurriculur sports and clubs. We are always trying to improve our extracurricular programs as there's more that can be improved and students in the past have loved what we have to offer.

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